Deepti Neto for Trustee TDSB Ward 14 

My qualifications: I graduated with a degree in Urban Studies and Economics from York University. I worked as an IT Programmer Consultant for 20 years. For the last 10 years I’ve been working as a Realtor in the GTA. 

  • As an IT Consultant I trained to adapt to new technologies and to communicate effectively through various platforms.  
  • As a Realtor, every day I listen to the hopes and concerns of the residents of the GTA. 
  • My IT and real estate background have trained me to communicate and connect with people.
  • My years as a parent volunteer at 7 local TDSB schools have taught me the benefits of parent involvement and how it relates to student success. 


My interest in Public Education: Soon after my son Jason was enrolled at the Donway United Co-Op Daycare, I was asked to become a parent volunteer. I realized then how important and rewarding it was to volunteer and to be connected to my children's schools. 

  • I volunteered throughout my children's school careers, while working full time. I met amazing parents, teachers and children and I learned a lot about the public education system. 
  • With so many voices at the TDSB it is easy to lose sight of the 'big picture', get caught up in petty political issues and forget what really matters; learning the basics and preparing for the future.
  • I continue to promote education and youth success by writing to our elected officials and newspapers and by encouraging others to get involved.


My history in Don Mills:   I feel deeply connected to this community.

  • I moved to Don Mills in 1989 and I fell in love with this supportive and engaged community. 
  • I have raised three children in this community. We moved from a condo at 1210 Don Mills, to a home on Langbourne Pl and finally to our current home on Tadcaster Pl. My parents also lived here.
  • I have worked for local businesses.
  • My father, Shil Sanwalka, was a prominent Indian Real Estate Lawyer with a private law practice on Wynford Drive.
  • As new immigrants in the 1970's my aunt and uncle lived at 715 Don Mills rd, we loved hanging out by the pool, the beautiful views from their condo and the comaraderie of the neighbourhood.


As a Trustee, I will communicate your concerns and inform you of the decisions being made by the TDSB. You need a voice at the TDSB, I hope to be that voice.

Who Am I?

DEEPTI NETO: Trustee Candidate, Realtor, Working mother, Immigrant, Environmentalist.

Past: IT Consultant, Parent Volunteer, Economics & Urban Studies York U

GEORGE NETO: Business Systems Analyst RBC. Past: Coach for N.Y. Cosmos, Parent Volunteer

My wife Deepti is running for TDSB trustee! She has worked tirelessly to support our children throughtout their school careers. I believe that they owe much of their success to her. Deepti is a natural problem solver.  She is an excellent communicator who has the ability to bring people together and come up with "out of the box" solutions. Vote for her if you live in Don Valley East!

KAJAL NETO: Student at Queens U. Kinesiology. Past: York Mills C.I., Windfields M.S., Rippleton P.S.

My mom has been a role model of success for me. She has mentored me throughout my life. I value her solid and straight forward advice. Vote for her if you want your voice to be heard at the TDSB.

JARED NETO: Civil Engineering EIT. Past: McMaster U,  York Mills C.I. Windfields M.S.,  Rippleton P.S.

My mom is running for school trustee! She's lived in the area my entire life, we went to all the schools in the area, she's very passionate about the school system. Vote for her if you live in the neighborhood!

JASON DAVIS: Postdoc at U of Pennsylvania. Past: U of Michigan, U of Toronto, York U, Don Mills C.I., St Andrews M.S., Denlow P.S., Norman Ingram P.S.

My mother is committed to listening to the community's concerns and advocating on their behalf. Her experience in a number of professional settings - from IT to Real Estate - and her long history with education in the area has positioned her well to be a fresh voice at the school board. And on top of that, she is the most hard-working and kind person I know (you might doubt my objectivity, but just meet her and you'll see!). Don Valley East could not elect a better trustee!

NISHA SANWALKA: Student at McMaster U, Neuroscience. Past: Ontario Science Center School. 

My aunt encouraged and supported me to attend the Science Center school in Don Valley East. She is a passionate advocate for young people. Please Vote for her if you live in the area!

DEEPTI SANWALKA: Student at U of T, Human Resource Management

Being an international student, I faced many challenges and my aunt helped me with all of those. Please vote for her.

EMMA NETO: Student at McMaster U, Psychology Neuroscience & Behaviour. Past: Ontario Science Centre School

My Aunt Deepti always has the best interests of students and their families in mind. She has supported my transitions between multiple educational programs, and has proven herself to be adaptable and a model for acceptance. Please vote for her if you are in the ward!



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